May 2006

Cottages at Killowen Point

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The cottages shown in the accompanying photograph are at Killowen Point, and some of them were owned by coastguards. (more…)

Ballincurry - Townland of the Hollow

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According to historical records when St. Bronagh arrived here to look for a site for her proposed church and monastery, she visited a well in the townland, but finding the place unsuitable moved on to another near Killowen Point, which is still called “Broney’s Well”. (more…)

Killowen Old Chapel/School

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In 1772 Father McLinden, the parish priest of Rostrevor, initiated the building of a chapel in Killowen. Before his plan was realised he died and it was Fr. McKee who saw the church completed and consecrated in 1779. (more…)

Sacred Heart Church Historical Notes 1871-1995

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Fr O’Neill held a meeting to find out where to build the Church. He raised money for the building throughout Europe. Bishop Leagy was the bishop at the time. The sands was drawn from Hilltown and the shore. Peter Sloan’s father drew the stones from Newry with horse and slipe. (more…)

Wrack Harvesting

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For centuries, wrack has been harvested on the picturesque shores of Killowen. Wrack was very important to the farmers of the area, as illustrated by the well-documented court case fought in Dublin in 1898 between local farmers and Lord Kilmorey. The essence of the battle was the “rights” to the wrack beds. (more…)

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