Following our first publication three years ago and now circulated throughout the world the Society are proud to announce the Launch of our second book of the same title.. Volume 2.

 This book has twice as many pages as Volume 1.. with three hundred pages penned by society members on a wide selection of historical topics relevant to Killowen. As the first book recorded many already famous people from the locality, this volume includes many not so well known but equally important Killowen people through the last centuries.  Significant eras of history are recorded including the Landlord period, Hedge schools, The Great Famine and Emigration. Many overseas members of the Society are descendants of people who emigrated from Killowen from the early 1800’s and have given accounts of their ancestors’ life changing experiences when they crossed the oceans. 

The townland of Ballincurry was chosen to research the people living there in 1901 to 1911.  This in depth account shows the changes between the census taking of 1901 and 1911. The census gives accuracy to information already held on the families of the townland.  Also included in this publication is a Picture Gallery of Killowen People and Places from the late 1800’s to 1960’s.  This proved to be very popular with the local people who very kindly shared their treasured family pictures enabling the Gallery to become a valuable record.

As well as the serious History and a variety of articles the authors of this book have embraced humour and also romance during the 2nd World War. As history has always been remembered in music and song KILLOWEN - LOST IN THE MISTS OF TIME VOLUME 2 features the words of two beautiful songs contributed by a singer/song writer from Killowen.  The songs tell of Killowen past times and enhance many of the stories. On the night of the Book Launch the Society are privileged that both these haunting songs, especially written for Killowen will be performed by the song writer who is already well known as a singer.

The Book Launch of ‘KILLOWEN - LOST IN THE MISTS OF TIME’ Volume 2 will be held on Friday 4th Dec. 09 in St. Bronagh’s GAA Clubrooms, Rostrevor at A programme of music, song and poetry will precede the launch and then followed by a light supper. Everyone is welcome.  The book will be for sale immediately after the Launch.

Cost - Hardback £14.50, Softback £9.50

There will be a special offer available - Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Hardback £25.00, Softback Vol. 1 and Vol.2 £15. 00